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Anna Selezneva Inspiration, Chloe, Food Links

 Ooooh I Love this new girl Anna Selezneva !

Covers Source and rest of the editorial below, same source

Source Small Photo's

Vogue Russia September Scans Source

Ooh Im getting so addicted to excercise! I love the endorphine rush and the energy.. I love rpm most! And it does wonders to my body!

IMG_8200.jpg (115kb)IMG_8198.jpg (181kb)IMG_8245.jpg (185kb)IMG_8283.jpg (106kb)
IMG_8285.jpg (143kb)IMG_8449.jpg (142kb)IMG_8456.jpg (137kb)IMG_8469.jpg (137kb)

Woohooooo New York Fashion Week, Love Love LOVE Chloe  !!! Source = The Cobra Snake

Food Links:
Bread and Honey, Fat Free Vegan Kitchen, The Well Seasoned Cook, Tofu for Two, Veg Bitch, Vegan VisitorVeg Web, Vegan Yum Yum, What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway?

Seriously: learn to love healthy food. Listen to your body, eat food that your body loves, you will get so much in return. Healthy foods mean energy, glowing skin, happy brain, bright eyes, inspirational ideas, motivation, shining health and more more more..
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