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After Holiday Randomness

 Hello! I just returned from a very very great holiday! So much fun!
Random Post of Pretty Things Today!
Some of my
favourite Icons Lately, Source and credits are below!

Nice Things:
A brand new agenda
New Psychology Classes
Buying New Clothes
I earned lots of money lately
Going to New York this autumn
Studying in Singapore in a few months
Excercise Goals
Getting more creative

Book Icon Source
Heart Candy Icon Source
Staple of Notebook Icon Source
Woah oh ee oh Icon Source
Chanel Parfume Icon Source
Skirts Icons Twice Source

 Looking Nice!

Target Design Line

Interior Source


 Mary-Kate Olsens'favourite beauty buys Source
We took a peek into Mark Kate's beauty bag to see which essential make-up buys she never leaves the house without...

Tags: beauty products, icons, interior, magazine scans, random, stock
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